“MATRIX” Vertical Autoclaves are fit for all applications that need total destruction of all living micro-organisms on a regular basis

A perfect tool for R & D labs, laboratories, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.


Use of stainless steel in heaters cover stand and carrier/bucket

A specially-designed system for dry sterilization processes (the system is a triple walled unit having stainless steel made inner chamber, jacked and outer wall).

Lid uses thick Stainless Steel Plate and is closed through a WING NUT CLOSING ARRANGEMENT

Leak proof chamber and duly argon arc welded joints

Mounted on mild steel support legs

No basket and dressing drum with the system, and both will be available at extra cost

As a safety device and water level indicator, the lid is loaded with Pressure Gauge, Spring Loaded Safety Valve, Vacuum Breaker-cum-Purge Valve and Manual Exhaust Valve

Drain Valve enables simple cleaning of the chamber.

Argon arc welded internal joints that are ground and polished to ensure crevice free internals

15 to 20 psi pressure (adjustable) operating range

Power bill reduction through industrial grade energy efficient heaters

50/60 Hz AC supply to work on 220/230Volts



Cut Off (*PCO) device with Pressure Control Switch/Pressure

For safety of heating element, Low water Level Cut Off (*WCO) device

RTD-enabled Digital Temperature Indicator

Pedal lifting arrangement

Solid state digital temperature indicator

Semi-Automatic Digital Controller with AUTO-TIME CONTROL SYSTEM. (The timer will automatically start after the set temperature is reached at and on completion of set count down/up time, the supply to heaters is cut-off and the system gives a buzzer alerting user that the cycle is over.

Digital Pressure gauge having fitted with electronic transducer and syphon

Dressing Drums (shallow sterilizers made of Stainless Steel) for use with vertical sterilizers and autoclaves

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