Air Shower

Air Showers are specialized enclosed antechambers which work as entryways and through which personnel have to pass through before entering clean

Bio Safety Cabinet

We offer great quality of Biosafety Cabinets or Biological Safety Cabinets or BSC which are designed to protect operator, product and environments

Clean Room

Matrix offers a high-quality clean room system that ensure superior clean room performance and aesthetic appeal. It’s a free-standing, modular,

Dynamic Pass Box

We offer high-quality Pass Box which is created to work as a safe passage to transfer materials,

Garment Storage Cabinet

We offer high-quality garment storage cabinet that ensure a clean storage area for clean room 

Air Curtain

We offer high-quality commercial air curtains most suitable for a variety of laboratory, clean rooms,

Static Pass Box

Our high-quality Pass Box is created to help in the material transfer without much personnel movement.

Laminar Air Flow

Fume Hood