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miniral water plants manufacturers in india

Mineral Water Treatment Plant

Mineral water requirements and their demands are increasing constantly and rapidly with increasing consciousness of people towards their health. Bottled mineral water assures water quality and easy transportability. This mineral water plant project involves machinery for bottle manufacturing, purifying water, bottling purified water and labelling. The designing of the plant basically includes economically viable capacity like the capital outlay is optimized. The capacity of the various units includes Ultra/RO Filtration Plant, Bottle Manufacturing, and Labelling, Bottle Filling Machine (Reinsing Filling and Caping Machine). These all the four capacities are matching to each other and for any adjustment, some of the machines can be run for longer duration.

You can view further the flow diagram of process including total water treatment process with filling and packaging:

Raw Water Storage Tank: It is used for storing raw water.

Raw Water Transfer Pump: It is used for feeding raw water in the pre-treatment of RO plant.

Multigrade Sand Filter: A set of Multigrade Pressure Sand Filter (MSF) unit in SS construction is provided for filtering raw water that is passed through a Multigrade Sand Filter (MSF) unit to remove suspended matters and turbidity present in the raw water. It is a SS vertical pressure vessel and externally this unit is fitted with Multiport valve. The unit is charged with filtering media. When raw water is passed through this filter bed, the suspended matters and turbidity gets removed.

Activated Carbon Filter: A set of Activated Carbon Filter (ACF) unit in SS construction is provided to filter raw water. Raw water is passed through an Activated Carbon Filter (ACF) unit to filter raw water. Activated Carbon Filter (ACF) unit is installed for passing raw water to remove colour and odour present in the raw water. It is a SS vertical pressure vessel and this unit is externally fitted with Multiport valve. This unit is charged with Activated Carbon media. When raw water is passed through this filter bed, colour & odour gets removed.

Anti-Scalant Chemical Dosing: A number of Anti-Scalant Chemical Dosing with Dosing Tank is used for preventing the precipitation in the membrane and hence, it enhances the life of RO Membrances.

Micron Cartridge Filters: These filters are complete with corrosion proof housing suitable for brackish water conditions. Cartridges are rated at 10 microns and 5 microns pore size.

High Pressure Pump: A high pressure pump with motor is provided with reverse osmosis system. This pump is of Multi stage Centrifugal type and increases pressure required for the RO system.

Desalination Reverse Osmosis System: Through this system, total dissolved solids get removed at the rejection rate of 90% to 97%. In the shape of permit, the desirable quality of water is obtained along with draining out of the waste water as rejected dissolved solids.

pH Chemical Dosing: This dosing treatment is used for final process of treatment in which pH value is corrected through the chemical dosing process.

Ozonator: Ozonator involves treating product water obtained through above process for the removal of micro-organisms present in the treated mineral water.

Treated water storage tank: Storage of final water is done in the stainless steel tank.

Filling section: Finally, the water is packed in food grade pet bottles of respective sizes through semi-automatic filling machine in an isolated section involving absolute hygiene.

Quality Inspection: As the bottles get filled, each bottle is taken through the intensive quality check measures like white light inspection before they are dispatched.

Packaging: Then, these bottles are taken for final bulk packaging in cartons etc that are ready for despatch in the market.