“MATRIX” offers Mortuary Storage Cabinets that are used in storing of cadavers or dead bodies under cool temperature conditions. They are very helpful in preventing decomposition of cadavers or corpses. Further, these cabinets are created to offer an ideal cold storage environment for the preservation of vaccines, medicines, reagents and specimens. These cabinets are very helpful for hospitals, airports, railway stations, medical colleges etc. These mortuary chamber cabinets are fit for preserving Temperature sensitive products.

These chambers are available in different capacities to hold Single Body to Six Bodies together. The unit is fitted with a hermetically sealed compressor refrigeration unit to maintain temperature range of -2°C to -5°C. Our high-quality Mortuary Storage Cabinets are fit for places where temperature is constantly maintained at the set temperature with accuracy and better uniformity. These chambers are available with easy to install feature and need absolutely no special maintenance. They are totally self-contained and ruggedly designed.



Weekly Chart Recorder.

Power back-up, in event of power failure for continuous display of chamber temperature (for controller and chart recorder) and for maintaining temperature graphs.