Light weight and having ceramic fiber wool insulatio.

Triple-walled and use duly painted double walled thick P.C.R.C. for outer casing and inner wall.

Heating elements made of KANTHAL wire backed by cerwool insulation.

The door comes with a viewing cap.

Precise temperature control due to the distinguished Autotune Digital PID controller .

3 different working ranges available with maximum working temperature range reaching up to 1150 Degree C .

Temperature range up to 1000 degree C (Maximum 1050 degree C) .

Temperature range up to 1150 degree C (Maximum 1200 degree C)

Overload safety cut-off available as a standard feature.

Suitable for various purposes.

Fit for gravimetric analysis for organic substance

Fit for measurement of quantity for coal and lime.

Uniform material heating due to highly efficient heater insulated in the chamber.

Able to reduce time of temperature climb.

Maintenance of consistent temperature and minimal heat dissipation due to the use of high density ceramic wool as an insulator.




MICROPROCESSOR BASED SEMI AUTOMATIC PID DIGITAL TEMPERATURE INDICATOR-CUM-CONTROLLER with an in-built DIGITAL TIMER to manage and control the temperature for Ambient +50C to 1000C. Heating will start automatically once the unit is switched ‘ON’ while the in-built AUTOMATIC DIGITAL MINUTE TIMER starts automatically once the set/desired value is achieved. The heaters are switched “OFF” automatically once the set time period is over and the unit sounds a BUZZER to alter the user about the process completion.

Profile Digital Microcontroller with 2 PROGRAMMES and each of 8 steps (total 16 steps of ramp/soak profile) to cost extra for soft start to heaters .

Microprocessor-based controller with time and temperature programmable by user, and 7 segment LED interface comes with 3 display (3+4+4) digit + 5 keys fitted with accurate sensor, ensuring accurate monitoring with digital input 6 PNP-11 to 30 VDC and analog input with RTD 0-10V, 0-29 (user selection) & 4 relay digital output and 1 CH (0-10V) 0-20ma Analogue output and with a double – tier passward data security lock for data security.

-do- same as above but with 7 segment LCD interface instead of LED interface.