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Water Treatment Plant

We design Water Treatment Plants after analyzing water conditions at source. Apart from water treatment system, the water is tested first to determine the level, type, quantity of contaminants present in the water. Our plants provide cost effective solutions to remove all possible contaminants and foreign particles that pose health risks. These plants also help in removing foul tastes and odors so that the water can be used for irrigation, cleaning and other uses.

Drinking Water Treatment Plant

We offer a wide variety of filtration technologies for drinking water treatment ranging from individual home units, to emergency response systems, to shipboard water treatment systems, to transportable military units, to large-scale municipal ultra filtration and desalination systems.

Our Reverse Osmosis system frequently uses to reduce the levels of total dissolved solids and suspended particles within water. These systems remove a variety of ions and metals as well as certain organic, inorganic and bacterial contaminants. The RO membrane alone may not be an effective method for total removal of these contaminants but a properly designed system may be effective in reducing these contaminants to safe levels. We also use other methods that are as follows:

Water Treatment Plant

Drinking Water Treatment Plant

Filtration System 

Electro chlorinators

Sand Filters

Hypochlorite Dosing

Activated Carbon Filter

UV Sterilizers

Micron Filter

Ultra Filtration

Water Softening Plants


Defloridation Plants

Nitrate Removal

Reverse Osmosis System

Iron Removal

Demineralization Plants

Arsenic Removal

Mineralization Plants

Silver Ionization Plant

Mineral Water Plants


Demineralization Plants

Demineralization or Deionization is the process of removing mineral salts from water by using the ion exchange process. With most natural water sources it is possible to use Demineralization and produce water of a higher quality than conventional distillation.

We design, manufacture and install demineralization requirements by using different types of cation and anion resins such as, strong acid, weak acid, strong base and weak base to optimize the performance of a deionizer and to achieve the best output quality at lowest chemical costs.


Water Hardness exists in significant areas of the country that result in disappointing white scales on fixtures, appliances and piping. Softening of water produces immediate benefits such as reduced usage of soap and detergent, cleaner clothes and better taste of food and beverages.

Our Water Softener Plant softens the water which protects household appliances & sanitary fittings making them look new, always. It also provides a soft feel to hair, clothes and skin. It saves water and salt. It controls the water pump operation so that there is no shortage or wastage of soft water, thus saving the electricity.

Research Scientific Equipment Products by Matrix Eco Solution: -

Autoclave (vertical, horizontal & rectangular), bio-safety cabinet, blood bank refrigerator, bacteriological incubator, co2incubator,  B.O.D incubator, egg incubator,  deep freezer(up to -860c), fume hoods, hot-air oven, laminar air flow (vertical & horizontal), orbital shaking incubator, B.O.D –cum –shaker, rotary shaker, walk in incubator, environmental chamber, water bath ,humidity  cabinets & plant growth chamber, seed germinator, muffle furnace, air curtain, mortuary chamber etc.