Humidity Chamber

Our humidity chamber are fit to do different quality control tests under controlled conditions of humidity 

Salt Spray Test Chamber

Our high-quality Salt spray chambers or Salt Fog Chambers are easy to use and maintain, and they offer the required level of accuracy

Environmental Chamber

Our chambers are made to accomplish different quality control tests under controlled conditions of

Insect Growth Chamber

Our high-quality Insect Growth chamber is fit to create a wide range of environmental climate conditions to enable study  and propagation of insects

Drosophila Test Chamber

We offer high-quality Dorsophila test chambers that offer a highly-controlled environment for

Seed Germinator

Our high-quality seed germinators are very useful for purposes as varied as seed testing, biological studies, and forestry research

Plant Growth Chamber

The need of controlled environment is widespread in many areas of plant research. This is for the reason to monitor a plant’s response to different conditions or imitate a particular habitat.

Walk in Chamber

Cold Room and Stability Chambers are two walk in chambers for more info please click on the more button